July 6, 2011
Behind the Scenes: Captain America

Here is a behind the scenes look at creating an aluminum wrapped frame for a Captain America movie poster.  Everyday I handle art and frames with extra care.  The process is so delicate at times that it requires wearing white gloves throughout the framing.  It was a nice change to let loose and just take a hammer to a frame. I wanted this frame to mimic the background of the poster.  I started by joining an unfinished frame to be the base structure.    

Joining the base of the frame.Poster mounted 

Next, I measured and rolled out the sheets of aluminum needed to wrap the frame.  Started wrapping the aluminum so that the wood was no longer visible.  

Rolling out aluminum sheet.Wrapping aluminum around unfinished frame.

Then the fun begins…hammering the aluminum to enforce all the creases of the frame and wrapping more aluminum to the other legs of the frame.

Hammering aluminum to enforce the folds

Wrapping more aluminum

Once the entire frame was wrapped…more hammering to distress the aluminum. 

Hammering to distress

Frame waiting for final touches

Here is the completed frame!